Your source code IP is your business

Protect it from creation and transport to storage and retrieval whether it remains in-house,
is outsourced, placed in escrow, or sent offshore.

Your source code Intellectual Property (IP) is vital to the survival and competitive viability of your company. Chaperon provides technology solutions that can protect it – no matter where it travels or who is working on it.

Chaperon Helps You%3A

Our Solutions Protect your business. Safeguard the information that gives your company its competitive advantage. Let you Enjoy the benefits of worldwide labor pools without the risks. Support a flexible work environment. Lower security costs. Protect against expensive IP theft lawsuits, damages, and security breaches.

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Gain a competitive advantage, create new revenue streams, and eliminate your customers’ greatest fears.
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Customer Quote
"A big concern with offshore development was piracy and Chaperon has taken care of our fears.  Once set up, there is virtually nothing else to do."

- Mark Fitzpatrick, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, YOUnite Inc.
World Without Chaperon
In March 2008, a former Motorola software engineer was stopped at O'Hare airport before boarding a one-way flight to Beijing with more than 30 compact data storage devices containing stolen files with $600 million worth of corporate secrets. This points out an issue faced by many large corporations.
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