Chaperon and Source Code Control Systems FAQ

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How will Chaperon Netbeans handle Source Code Control Systems?
The plan is to enhance the built-in CVS client support in
NetBeans to enable secured check-out and check-in
operations. The developer experience would remain unchanged
from the original netbeans. The developer would request a
specific revision of a source file from a specific CVS
repository (or server) by filing out a property sheet. The
download would occur over an encrypted network connection
and the downloaded source file would be automatically
encrypted before it gets saved on the filesystem. The
resultant encrypted source file can be manipulated within
the Chaperon secured IDE by an authorised developer just
like any other encrypted source file. When the developer
wants to putback the changes to a file, she/he would use the
built-in CVS features to check-in the source code. Chaperon
would first decrypt the specified source file and then
invoke the underlying CVS client to perform the check-in