Chaperon Technology Solutions

Chaperon Secure™ Vaulted Source Code Repository:

Protect your source code with a secure, central or distributed repository that can be updated regularly and in real time.


Chaperon Secure™ Attachment / Chaperon Secure™ Managed File Transfer:

Allows users to send email attachments to recipient(s) in a secure manner — ensuring that only the intended recipient(s) can view the attachment.


Chaperon Secured™ CSDE & Inspecting Station:

A full-featured development/Collaboration environment that makes it virtually impossible to copy or pirate your IP — from creation and transport to storage and retrieval. Browse, view, and inspect Intellectual Property (IP) while making it virtually impossible to copy or pirate it. Securely add and/or update the source code while allowing multiple parties to inspect the IP simultaneously from multiple geographic locations.


Chaperon Secure™ Active Source Code Escrow:

A unique, patent pending technology that allows owners of source code Intellectual Property (IP) to set up a secure, central repository that can be updated regularly and in real time.


Chaperon Secure™ IP Vault:

Protect centralized or distributed digital Intellectual Property (IP) so that it cannot be accessed, copied, viewed, and/or downloaded without express authorization from the owner.


Chaperon Secure™ Transport:

Place your Intellectual Property (IP) into a tamper-proof digital container that can then be transported via any media.

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Customer Quote
“We made the mistake of going offshore for development, only to see  one of the applications that we paid to have developed show up with another provider. Never again. We wouldn't even consider off-shoring without Chaperon protecting our IP.”

- Mike Perri, CEO, Mobilesynch
World Without Chaperon
"Most software developers regard 'code-borrowing' — reusing existing software in their own work — as an acceptable practice, despite the legal minefield it could create for their employers."
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